Poetry, The Arts and The Imagination

Our imaginations should be nourished as an instrument by which we know reality. While C.S. Lewis espoused many thought-provoking ideas, this lesson is a difficult, perhaps impossible one for us […]

Bon Appetit! When Poetry is the Feast

The following post was contributed by faculty members, Kathryn Martin and Starlet Baker, after attending a lecture hosted by the Trinity Forum in Washington D.C. Poet Dana Gioia, the former […]

New Research on Classroom Tech

New Covenant administrative staff continuously reviews the place of technology in our pedagogy and curriculum. In recent years we have surveyed our graduates in college who have given very specific […]

Community Lecture Series

Our Community Lecture Series on October 17, 2019 featured Dr. Tamara Long from Abilene Christian University. Dr. Tamara Long worked with faculty and students, speaking to us on “Helping Students […]