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Administrative Positions

Athletic Director – The Athletic Director is a member of the Executive Administrative Committee, is hired by the Headmaster, and reports directly to the Headmaster.  New Covenant is accepting inquiries and applications to this position as of November 5, 2019.  Position will begin on June 1, 2020.  A summary of the position follows here:

1. Sr. Administrative position that reports directly to the Headmaster;
2. Twelve month contract;
3. Position is supported by admin staff;
4. BA or BS in sports management, or in the physical or health sciences preferred;  MA/MS will be recognized and compensated;
5. Experience required with demonstrated success with athletic programming;
6. Must be highly relational AND detail oriented with demonstrated ability to manage multifaceted program;
7. 50% off any qualified child attending New Covenant as a student;
8. Must pass comprehensive background check;
9. Will participate in strengths testing;
10. Successful candidate will be offered competitive compensation and moving expenses. 

For a full job description, click here>>>  Athletic Director 

For an application specific to this position, click here>>>2019 – Athletic Director Application

Please return all applications to Kathy Mosher, Office Manager.


Faculty Positions

Latin Instructor – 2020

New Covenant is accepting applications for an instructor to join the Latin faculty beginning in Aug, 2020.  (This position may open in January, 2020).    Class assignments will primarily be middle school (grades 5-8) and will require demonstrated ability to teach English and Latin side-by-side; depth in Latin-Roman culture and the ability to motivate and inspire middle school students.  The MS Latin program concludes with Latin I in grade 8, and students must be prepared for Latin II in the freshman year. 


  • BA, BS, or equivalent in classics or classical languages preferred; or,
  • Equivalent experience and/or demonstrated experience in Latin instruction;
  • Strong English skills;
  • Experience preferred;
  • Ability to work with a team and a desire to live in Central Virginia;
posted: November 20, 2019

Choral Instructor – 2020

New Covenant is accepting applications for an instructor to join the music faculty beginning in Aug, 2020.  The position will provide general music instruction for children in grades K-4; choral instruction for multiple sections of middle school students, and direction of the high school choir.   The position requires demonstrated ability to work with students across a variety of ages and development.  


  • BA, BS, or MFA in music, fine arts or related field
  • Ability to direct from the keyboard;
  • Strong leadership skills with ability to manage and inspire students with music;
  • Knowledge of traditional literature and sacred repertoire;

posted: November 20, 2019

Custodial Position

revised 09.22.2019

CUSTODIAN – 8-10 hours per week. General cleaning duties. Hours are flexible. Can be 2-3 days per week. Starting pay is $11/hour.

To apply for this position email Gary Trittipoe here.

The following articles provide context for our religious and curricular traditions. We encourage faculty applicants to read these and be familiar with them before interviewing.

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