Affording a New Covenant Education

Choosing your child’s school is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.  Providing a private education is also one of the most expensive, requiring planning and sacrifice.  You need a strategy.

All costs considered we believe that New Covenant is the highest value among local school options.  We invite you to consider all the available financial strategies, and you may find that New Covenant is more affordable than you thought.  Talk to us about ways we can help.

  • Make a sustainable plan.  You need a plan that not only works in kindergarten, but for the foreseeable future.
  • Adjust your standard of living.  Chances are that tuition can rival a new car payment, a mortgage, or an expensive vacation.  Adjust your expectations realistically.
  • Open a VA-529.  You can now pay for your child’s k-12 education with pre-tax dollars.  The savings can be hundreds of dollars, which over time, make tuition more affordable.  Our Finance Office can show you how.
  • Compare apples to apples when evaluating costs.  Many schools have multiple fees that make them more expensive than they first appear. We believe in tuition transparency. View our tuition schedule with all fees here.

More than one child?

New Covenant offers discounts when multiple children are enrolled.

(for K -12 students)

  • First two children are 100% (means-tested tuition assistance may apply)
  • Third child 20% off
  • Fourth+ child 50% off each

Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP)

Apply for our Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP).  New Covenant offers financial aid for qualified families.  Our goal is to make your expected family contribution sustainable.  Our TAP is means-tested and we can give you a “Good Faith” estimate if you answer the questions below.

Virginia Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credit Program

New Covenant operates a foundation under the Education Improvement Scholarship Act.  This foundation funds scholarships to qualified children who enter New Covenant in kindergarten, first grade, or who transfer from a public school.  You might be eligible for this scholarship.

Good Faith Cost Estimator

(please contact the school before completing this form)

Answer these questions to receive a good faith

estimate of your family’s expected contribution.

(Your response is seen only by the Director of Finance.  It is confidential and she will respond within two school days.  Please contact the school if you do not receive a response).

Have a question for our Director of Finance? Email her here.


Good Faith Estimator

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