There are many ways to support classical, Christian education at New Covenant.  

Let us help you make the most of your gift.


Annual Fund

The Annual Fund supports the day-to-day operations of the school.  New Covenant charges tuition, of course, but the operations of the school are funded at around 96% of the cost to education.  We therefore rely upon the generosity of our parents and friends.   Gifts to the Annual Fund made be made in cash or credit card by clicking on the button below.  Gifts can also be made by the transfer of appreciated equities.  Be sure to ask us for assistance if you have questions about how to make a contribution.  Contact Dayna Renalds, Director of Development here.

The New Covenant Scholarship Foundation

As a Virginia tax payer, earn a 65% tax credit (or more)

The New Covenant Scholarship Foundation works in conjunction with the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit Program.  Donors who give to the Foundation are able to claim the gift on both federal and state taxes as a charitable contribution PLUS receive a tax credit of 65% of the donation amount to offset any state tax liabilities.  The Scholarship Foundation disburses funds to means-tested students who would not be able to afford a private education without help.  Contributions can be made by individuals and businesses. 

Giving is easy, and often has dramatic tax benefits to the donor.  There are a few easy steps you must take to participate.  

  1. Contact your tax advisor to see if this contribution is right for you.
  2. Consider maximizing your gift.  Individuals who take a qualified minimum distribution from their IRA’s can see greater benefits with a direct roll-over to the Foundation. Ask us how.
  3. Contact the Development Office here  or call 434.847.8313 to speak with Dayna Renalds, the Director of Development.  She will help you register with the Commonwealth and answer your questions.

Hands & Hearts

There is so much more to school than math, Latin, literature, history or science. That’s because the spiritual and moral formation of a child is central to education.  At New Covenant we continually reflect on ways to acquaint our students with the broader responsibilities of life – responsibilities beyond their studies; responsibilities they should embrace as they enter young adulthood. Each year our students participate in Hands & Hearts, a service project that mobilizes hundreds of students and parent-volunteers through the Hill City. Our projects are diverse, involving children in planting flowers in a public park, preserving historical documents at Sandusky and historic gravesites at City Cemetery, or providing an “extreme ministry makeover” at the Salvation Army. Each student learns by doing, working alongside adult volunteers who enthusiastically modeled the value of willing service.