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Portrait of a Graduate

Imagine your child as a young adult. What does your child to look like?  At New Covenant we’ve thought hard about that very question. In the videos below we share our answer to the question, “What does a New Covenant graduate look like?” This is our vision for your student.

A New Covenant Graduate is…

  • a lover of truth, goodness and beauty;
  • is eloquent with the written and spoken word;
  • is intellectually vigorous, seeking to know God, self, and the world;
  • is prudent in speech and action;
  • is generous and rich in good works;
  • is spiritually strong, looking to God in faith, hope and love;
  • encounters success with humility and failure with confidence.

Classical Education at New Covenant Schools

So you weren’t classically educated, and you’re wondering what classical, Christian education is. In these short talks, our Headmaster explains the foundations of our curriculum, and how your child will thrive in our school.

Parenting Helps and Counsel

In November 2023, New Covenant Schools hosted Keith McCurdy from Total Life Counseling in Roanoke, VA.  He addressed our students, faculty and parent community, providing a wealth of analysis regarding the lives children and teenagers, and a parent strategy for building sturdy children.  While he was here, he sat down with Headmaster Heaton and together they produced five new follow-up videos which are short, easy-to-watch resources for parents. 

Experience the Community of New Covenant Schools

No other school offers you the community that you’ll encounter at New Covenant. When you join our family our traditions and our story become yours.  The short videos in this section give you a look into our history and the life of our school family.