Arts & Science Fair

Hundreds of students across the grades were on hand with parents and friends for the annual Art & Science Fair. With scores of art pieces hanging in the hallways and displays at art stations around the building, the students showed their talents. If you haven’t strolled through to view their work, the art will remain on display for a few weeks.
The active part of the evening was the “hands-on” nature of our science projects. At New Covenant, the science fair is not a gym full of static displays prepared beforehand. Rather, the students are divided into teams (self-named!) and provided with materials and instructions with which they have to engineer a project that will meet the given challenge – all within the limits of time provided.
It always reminds me of the dramatic scene in the movie, Apollo 13, where the engineers at Mission Control had to design a carbon dioxide “scrubber” for astronauts aboard the crippled lunar module. The challenge was that they had to succeed only with materials that were already aboard the spacecraft – and they had to do it before the crew ran out of oxygen! (get the movie!)
That is exactly how our fair operates, testing the ingenuity and problem-solving ability of our students. Among other things, they built rockets for the longest launch, towers that would withstand our earthquake simulator, bridges that would support enormous amounts of weight, and mousetrap-propelled cars that would travel across the gym floor on their own power. The sidebar offers a list of the winning teams and individuals.
We thank our faculty sponsors for making this event such a great success: Scott McCurley, Jimmy Kirshberger, & Michael Dunaway.



4th,5th, 6th
Mixed Media
1st- Michael Seckman (5th), Looney Tunes
2nd- Sam Miller (6th), Gryphon
3rd- Shilo Binder (5th), Get the “Pointe”
1st- Joseph Lee (4th), Cut the Net
2nd- Charlie Kershaw (4th), General Panda
3rd- Ella Dudley (6th), Beauty and Brilliance
1st- Ignatius Knebel (5th), Extinction
2nd- Emma Haupricht (5th), Bamboo Forest Ohe’o Gulch, Maui
3rd- Elle Vollmer (4th), Bird Perch
1st- Sam Miller (6th), Nimbus 2000
2nd- Faith Richardson (4th), Flowers
3rd- Elle Vollmer (4th), Rose Vase
1st- Christian Henson (4th), Camping
BEST IN SHOW- Joseph Lee (4th) Cut the Net
7th, 8th, 9th
Mixed Media
1st- Shannon Sansone (9th), Sad Boy
2nd- Claire Copenhaver (8th), Dragon
3rd- Hannah LaGrone (9th), Richard Feyman
1st- Abigail Place (9th), Artist Study
2nd- Mae Jacobs (8th), Seascape
3rd- Mary Kate Place (7th) Sistene Chapel Study
1st- Mary Glenn Morse (8th) Versai
2nd- Sarah Robert (8th) Venice
3rd- Augustus Knebel (8th) Peru
1st- Mimi Black (7th), Fluffy Tutu
2nd- Mimi Black (7th), Butterfly Dress
1st- Reese Murphy (7th), Tis Friday
BEST IN SHOW- Mimi Black (7th), Fluffy Tutu
10th,11th, 12th
Mixed Media
1st- Olivia Kalafian (12th), Firmament
2nd- Rylee Ames (10th), Landscape
3rd- Virginia Robert (11th), Have a Heart
1st- Olivia Kalafian (12th), Sunflower, Vol. 6
2nd- Charity Simon (12th), Girl
3rd- Charity Simon (12th), Berenstein
1st- Makenzy Bates (10th), Broom Sedge in the Morning
2nd- Elizabeth Olmsted (11th) Landscape
3rd- Roman Seay (12th) Cozumel
1st- Gioia Calabretta (10th), Decay
2nd- Brandon Hostetler (11th), The Catch
3rd- Izabel Zealand (11th), The Hedgehog
Film N/A
BEST IN SHOW- Gioia Calabretta (10th), Decay

5th – Tall Tower
1st place – Socki
Shilo Binder, Kylie Garnett
Olivia Zealand, Charlotte Libbey
2nd place – Dem Golden Pandas
Michael Seckman, Rock Tryall
Christopher Moody, Henry Luley
3rd place – Visco Girls
Journey Lancaster, Katie Freerksen
Abigail Oppenheimer, Vivian Jiang
6th – Bridge Building
1st – The Fabulous Homo Sapiens
Alara Gezen, Maddie Rebsamen
Joy Basten, Ella Dudley
2nd – Chunky Monkeys
Judah Deyo, Andre Frenchik, Sam Miller
3rd – Golden Eagles
Graden Bolton, Judah Forshey
Jude Brunett, Landon Horne
7th – Pasta Tower
1st – Wormbooks
Brey Welch, Jenna Ng
Corey Hackenbracht, Declund Stevenson
2nd – Black Bandits
William Bettenhausen, Gigi Olson
Reese Murphy, Elizabeth Deneen, Lizzie Bryant
3rd – Team Name
John Brophy, James Deyo,
Jack Duncan, Noah McCormick
8th – Straw Rockets
1st – Green Sox
Daniel VanVoorhis, Augustus Knebel
Andrew Nye, Nash Watson
2nd – Just Sox
Olivia Kidd, Ally Horne
Virginia Morse, Austin Harkin
3rd – Ballerz
Cole Bowman, Piper Knapton
Brielle Walker, Luke Libbey

School of Rhetoric
1st Place: Jennifer Daniels, Will Kittrell, Jonathan Matney, Waylon Spiva
2nd Place: Jael Brenning, Sam Coleman, Ethan Edwards, Jackson Taylor
3rd Place: Tyler Dixon, Michael Minnick, Carter Newsome, Wagner Spiva