Rethinking Technology in the Classroom: The Evidence Doesn’t Support It

I have long believed that the uncritical adoption of technology in the classroom for its own sake was a bad idea.    My hunches on the matter are counter intuitive, and so thoroughly counter cultural that I realized I had better do my homework on the issue.  So I researched and wrote a master’s thesis on the topic.  If you’re interested you can read “Education in Context of Student-Accessed, Digital and Applied Technology” here: The Essay – Final Draft.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to plow through my research, you can read what some tech-savy parents in Silicon Valley are actually doing about it.   They are voting with their dollars and their feet, agreeing with exactly what I’ve argued for some time, and what my research supports.  The Waldorf School in Silicon Valley is not a classical school like New Covenant, but its cautious approach to technology is based on shared convictions about children and teachers.  Read more about Tablets Out – Imagination In.