Getting Into the Great Conversation

Several members of our faculty and I are working on a project we call Defending the Tradition. It’s an effort to enable our students, parents, faculty, and wider community to […]

The Time of Our Lives

We’re coming into that beautiful stretch of the school year, arguably my favorite, in which our students are enjoying the change of season and the coming of a long Christmas […]

Thoughts on Expressive Individualism

It’s been over two years since Carl Trueman published the book, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self. People are still talking about it, which for our society suggests […]

Time To Say Goodbye

Almost every morning I speak to little Kathleen. She is not in school yet, but she rides along most mornings with her older brother who is in kindergarten. Buckled securely […]

Predictability and Support: Two Keys to Community Success

Research from Independent School Management (ISM) shows that the two factors that correlate most closely to long-term academic success for students are a predictable environment coupled with support. Predictability means […]

Fear is Not the Companion of Caution

The military flyover at a football game makes us stand tall, and leaves us awestruck as kickoff approaches. Not so when I was a kid. Growing up in the early […]