Tuition Transparency – Explanation of Fees

Activity Fees

New Covenant seeks to avoid “nickel-and-diming” parents for routine events, field trips and activities throughout the school year.  These activities vary from class to class, and are covered by the activity fee.  We have structured our activity fees to cover the costs of the little things – and the big things.  Thus, when the entire 6th grade class takes its first overnight trip to Williamsburg, or your high school student spends two days in Washington, DC, you will not be charged an unexpected, hefty payment.  Your activity fee covers that and much more.  

Senior Trip Surcharge

At the end of the high school career all seniors are offered the senior trip to New York City.  This trip is fun, of course, but from the founding of our school it was envisioned as a capstone educational experience as a visit to a world-class city.  The cost of this trip is spread out over five years beginning in grade 7.  Each year $100 is charged and escrowed in student accounts so that by the end of the senior year, the trip is approximately 50% paid.  Additionally, throughout the high school years there are specific, dedicated fundraisers in which parents and students may participate which offset much of the remaining cost.  The Senior Trip surcharge is not refundable if a student withdraws before graduation

Lab Fees

Students in the School of Rhetoric are required to take three lab sciences for graduation.  The lab fees are only charged in the term in which a student is enrolled in a science with a lab.

Exam Fee

Students who sit for specialized exams may be charged this fee if the exam is not covered by parents outside of the school’s academic program.  

Athletic Fee

Students in grades 5-12 who choose to play a co-curricular sport such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, tennis, or lacrosse are charged an annual fee.  This is a flat fee, meaning that it does not increase if a student plays more than one seasonal sport in a school year.