How the Tuition Contract Works

Why a tuition contract?

Tuition contracts are necessary because New Covenant makes obligations to pay instructors and staff on an annual basis.  A signed contract guarantees and protects your child’s seat, but also protects the school from a withdrawal from a class which the school cannot replace mid-year or on short notice.   Schools operate in cycles, setting tuition rates and committing to financial obligations far in advance of tuition payments received.  Tuition contracts ensure the financial stability that you expect from your school.

What is continuous enrollment?

New Covenant will ask you to sign only one contract, but it is a “continuous enrollment” contract.  That means that your child will be automatically re-enrolled each January for the next academic year UNLESS you indicate otherwise.  There is an ample “opt-out” period, of course, but this system simplifies staff work and parent headaches.

Can I get out of my contract?

Ordinarily, no; once signed, contracts are binding with very few exceptions.

What’s in the contract?

You can view a sample contract here: Continuous Enrollment Contract