Mrs. Uminn, Dr. Widzisz, and Mr. Kirshberger are looking forward to meeting with 6th graders, and making the most of this new experience together. You need to remember a few things.  Our first week will be largely learning how to do school online.    Think of this as the first day of school, with lots of new routines.  You’ll have to apply yourself as you would in the classroom. 

If you have a question, we invite your emails which can be accessed below.  You will need to develop some facility with RenWeb, so please view the video in Resource Links.

Email Jimmy Kirshberger here

Email Erin Uminn here 

Email Marcel Widzisz here 

Please watch the following instructional video on how to use Renweb:

View this video to learn how to navigate RenWeb

Sixth grade will have live video zoom sessions with their teachers.

All links and assignments can be found in Renweb. 

Middle School Zoom Cheat Sheet

Section A meets Monday & Wednesday (if you don’t know your section, RenWeb will tell you)

Section B meets Tuesday & Thursday

12:00 n Latin

1:00 pm Math

2:00 pm Literature & Writing

You can join them by following the link to RenWeb here.