Gryphon Growler & Pancake Breakfast

The Gryphon Growler and Pancake Breakfast was held on Saturday, October 22. Families came out to participate in a 1k or 3k race and then celebrated with a delicious pancake breakfast. Congratulations to our top finishers!

Girls 1k: Sadie Tucker, Selah Bailey, and Laken Harbour

Boys 1k: Abe Kirshberger, Matthew Renalds, and Grayson Coggin

Girls 3k -3rd-5th Grade: Tinley Tucker, Shelton Speakes, and Landis Hoskins

Boys 3k- 3rd-th Grade: Ollie Brunett, Avery Hinson, Zeke Hester

Girls 3k- 6th-8th Grade: Leila Kenny, Emma Christian, and Meg Maslow

Boys 3k- 6th-8th Grade: Colton Buckner, Luke Ancona, Eli Rose

Women’s 3k- 9th Grade and Up: Lorene Robinson, Brankica Frenchik, Meredith Maslow

Men’s 3k -9th Grade and Up: Ben Hinson, Eric Harrison, David Schaap