By Definition: Education Is…>>>

How words change! Here’s a good example. I have two definitions of education, both from Webster:

2017 – Education:  The action of process of educating or of being educated.

BUT….back in the 19th century, when we knew less about most things, this is what the book said:

1828 – Education, n [Latin, educatio].… Read more

From Classical Education to STEM to Helicopters>>>

by Jay Lamagna (class of 2012)

Jay Lamagna graduated from New Covenant in 2012 after thirteen years of enrollment.  He attended Virginia Military Institute where he double-majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  During his four years at VMI he was his Band Company Commander. Read more

Cultivating Sensibilities: Reverence, Respect and Courtesy>>>

“Show me what reverence looks like.” Lately I’ve been saying this at the beginning of each of my middle school chapels. The children aren’t being bad; they’re coming from gym, lunch or some other class.  They’re jousting with their friends, being noisy, sometimes to the point of rowdiness. … Read more

Glad you Asked: What are the Advantages of a classical, Christian Education?>>>

At a recent LiveLink program I was asked, “How would you summarize the advantages of classical education compared to modern education models?” Glad you asked.  First, we should make sure we understand what we mean by “advantages.”  If by this we imply better college prospects, long-term earning power, or other kinds of goods, we are limiting our thinking. … Read more

January 12, 2017 – Education and Technology>>>

In the fall, 2015, I submitted a master’s thesis to Hollins University entitled Education in Context of Student-Accessed, Digital and Applied Technology.  I have since created a seminar based on this research which I have presented at accrediting agencies (SACS/CASI – AdvancED) and at the Society for Classical Learning.  … Read more