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New Covenant Schools is an educational community founded in the classical, Christian tradition and rooted in the liberal arts. Serving about 450 students, New Covenant maintains a small-school atmosphere; at the same time, it affords opportunities you would expect in a larger school. The arts and sciences, local history, competitive sports, and foreign studies are only a few of the choices you’ll find here, with the strength of a proven record of college placement. Whether it’s kindergarten, grammar, middle, or high school, we would be pleased to talk with you about your goals for your children.

Our emphasis is to teach students not only what to know, but how to think and how to learn, preparing them for a breadth of post-secondary

New Covenant students enjoy personal attention with low student/teacher ratios of 11.5:1

educational and vocational experiences. Curriculum and educational methods employed are intended to meet the academic, social, cultural and spiritual needs of the traditional learner.

We develop  students who will be contributors and leaders in their vocations as well as in their churches and communities. Our students consistently test well above national norms on standardized tests, and also on tests that are discipline-specific (such as Latin and mathematics). Many students take Advanced Placement examinations in a variety of disciplines, for which they often have earned college credit. Since opening its high school New Covenant students have been accepted to 90 major colleges and universities and graduate programs, and have earned more than $8,500,000 in academic and merit scholarships. Click here for a complete list of colleges, universities and graduate schools that have accepted New Covenant students.

The New Covenant Story

In 1991, a small group of dedicated parents, guided by a large vision for education, founded a school that would attempt to provide classical, Christian education for their children. Under the leadership of Dr. Robert Littlejohn the school opened with 16 students and three volunteer teachers. They met in a small church outside of Lynchburg in New London. They were motivated by a vital interest in classical, Christian education, and by a desire to develop a school that would be thoroughly Christian, academically rigorous, and grounded in the liberal arts.

The school rapidly expanded, requiring the student body to move twice in the early years. By 1995 the grammar school (grades K-6) had grown to more than 100 students, and classes were located in the old Fort Hill School in Lynchburg. Dialectic and rhetoric levels (grades 7-12) were soon added, and upper school students met at the old Jones Memorial Library near downtown.

In the summer of 1998 Dr. Littlejohn was succeeded by the Rev’d John Heaton, a minister in the Reformed Episcopal Church, and the former Headmaster of the Geneva School in Orlando. The school continued to grow, and quickly reached capacity at its two locations with 155 students.

A gracious providence enabled the Board of Directors to successfully locate and purchase 50 acres of land in Lynchburg, and to pursue a rigorous campaign to unite the student body in one location. With the generous help of benefactors, parents, and friends, this campaign was launched in 2001, and came to fruition the following year when the school completed construction of its current facility on Fleetwood Drive. Classes began on the new site in January, 2003.  A planned expansion in 2007 added a dozen new classrooms and playgrounds, bringing the school’s capacity to about 475 students.   A third expansion in 2013 provided high school classrooms and a field house to the campus.

Today the school maintains its mission with more than 60 professional faculty, adjunct instructors, and administrative staff. It is governed by an independent board composed of parents and community leaders, while maintaining affiliation with the Reformed Episcopal Church. New Covenant follows a managed growth policy and envisions a maximum student body of about 450-500 in the future.