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The New Covenant community received the recent news from Holy Cross with sadness.  We are sorry to see the closure of the school, which has long been a visible part of the Lynchburg community.  We know that you are invested in your school, that your family will be dislocated, and that your children may be very upset at the prospect of changing schools. 

I have been at New Covenant for 21 years, and one of the early acquaintances I made coming to Lynchburg was the head of school at Holy Cross, Mr. John Jones.  We had a warm professional relationship, and we shared many lunches together to talk about our schools and the things we held so deeply in common.  I have spent hours in your gymnasium and on your soccer fields, and appreciated much about your school community over the years.  The Gaels were always a cross-town rival for our sports teams, and gave us their best.  The school will truly be missed.

If you are browsing our website and considering your options, I am pleased that you would look in our direction.  Our goal is to respond to your needs so that you need not feel rushed or pressured as you sort through your options.  Our staff is ready to answer your questions, offer tours and information, or discuss the next appropriate move for you.  I am personally available to you help you understand the distinctives of the  classical, Christian tradition and the unique opportunities you might find here.                                     

– Rev’d John Heaton, Headmaster



Choose from the following menu of helps that you might wish to access:

If you would like to take a tour of New Covenant>>>

If your child would like to shadow a New Covenant student, email Linda Simon, our admissions director>>>

If you would like to attend an informational meeting specifically for Holy Cross families, you may respond to Linda Simon>>>

The following dates are available:

Monday, November 18, 2019, 7:00 pm – Marie McDonald Chapel (pending)
 Address:  122 Fleetwood Drive | Lynchburg, VA  24501 | 434.847.8313

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