The School of Rhetoric held their annual poetry recital Friday evening, October 21.  Our high school students and their parents enjoyed sitting beside firepits in the school courtyard to hear various poems from the pre-Victorian era (before 1840) creatively interpreted by their peers.  Four students from each grades 9-12 performed in the recital with the top student from each grade announced as a winner.   Congratulations to the following students for their winning performance. 

Gia Barlow, “The Witches of Macbeth” by William Shakespeare

Jenna Ng, “The Introduction” by Anne Finch, Countess of Winchelsea

Noah Caldwell, “The Beast’s Confession” by Jonathan Swift

Jenna Hackenbracht, “The Noble Acts of Lancelot” by Thomas Deloney

Jenna Hackenbracht also won the Jefferson Cup as the overall winner for the evening.