2022- Thesis

Senior Thesis Defense

While the New Covenant curriculum includes many unique features spanning the grades, the most notable is the senior thesis project. The classical, Christian program of study is designed to develop a student’s facility in the written and spoken word, a process which begins in the earliest years of kindergarten and grammar school and continues through middle and high school.  The writing and speaking process at New Covenant is comprehensive and central to the program. Its most unique and abiding feature is the senior thesis, the capstone project of the New Covenant career, in which students research, write and present a significant paper on a debatable topic, usually involving what we refer to as a “great question.”  Recently, on March 30 and April 1, the high school schedule paused for two “Thesis Days” as our seniors took turns presenting before their advisors, faculty members, parents and peers.  Below is a list of this year’s thesis titles.

  • Rylee Ames, “A Nazi at the Door: Addressing the Justification of Lying to Save a Life”
  • Makenzy Bates, “For the Greater Good: Different Eugenic Movements and their Ties to Scientism and Nationalism”
  • Anna Burton, “Depression: The Epidemic of Overprescription and the Overuse of Antidepressants without Regard to Holistic Approaches”
  • Gioia Calabretta, “There is No ‘There’ There: An Examination of New Urbanism”
  • Madeline Duncan, “The Nose Knows! Or Does It? How the Abilities of Dogs are Beneficial to Human Life”
  • Dalton Foster, “Keeping Our Roots and Our Guns: A Historical Argument on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the Second Amendment”
  • Owen Helm, “Smooth Operator: A Discussion of Imperialism in Africa and its Newest Recruit”
  • Saige Knapton, “International Adoption, Helpful or Harmful: The Issues and Policies of the International Adoption System”
  • Caroline Marotta, “Inherited Genetic Diseases, Are They an Easy Fix? The Use of CRISPR-Cas9 to Alter Genetics”
  • Jack Marotta, “How’d We Get Here: An Examination of Intelligent Design and its Opposing Views”
  • Michael Marotta, “The Technology Strikes Back: The Unintended Consequences of Technology and its Effects on the Human Brain”
  • Skylar McCurley, “Test Tube Babies: The Christian Ethics Behind In Vitro Fertilization”
  • Brie Olson, “The Importance of the Thin Blue Line: Why Backlash on the Police Force in America Harms Society”
  • Sophie Redmond, “I Don’t Want to Go to School: Motivation Tactics and the Decline of Desiring Education”
  • William Rooney, “Leading in War and Peace: An Analysis of the Leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte”
  • Josie Scruggs, “Animal Assisted Therapy: Why the Continuation of Animal Assisted Therapy Should be Supported”
  • Will Spruill, “The Perfect Utopia: What is Wrong with a Perfect Society?”
  • Elise Uminn, “The Mental Prison: Why PTSD is Found in Prisoners and How We Can Change Our System”
  • Ellie Walker, “The Reality of Holistic Healing: The Benefits of Choosing a Non-Toxic, Alternative Approach to Cancer


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