Thesis Defenses: March 28-29, 2019

The purpose of the Senior Thesis Project is to give the student the opportunity to employ the principles of rhetoric by addressing a subject of permanence and connecting knowledge to ethics.

SENIOR THESIS DEFENSE Presentations will be held on Thursday, March 28th and Friday, March 29th. Specific times will be listed here and in the Quid Novi after spring break.

Drew S. Bowman, “How the Evolution of Sports Created the Modern Day Superstar: An Athlete’s Impact Beyond the World of Sports”

Nicholas Adams, “A Love For Sorrow: An Argument for the Value of Tragic Literature”

Chloe Ingersoll, “The Modern Educational System: A Celebration of Talents or a Showcase of Regulations?”

Claire F. Owens, “Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church”

Jett Curran, “Justification of the First Crusade”

Logan Duncan, “The Decline of Masculinity”

Emma R. Nazelrod, “CAFOs: The Hidden Costs”

Evan Price, “The Effects of Media Violence: A Critical Analysis of a Modern Myth”

Hannah Murphy, “Mordor in Our Midst: Industrialism in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy”

Benjamin T. Duby, “Comic-Convincing: A Defense of the Validity and Artistry of Comics”

Parks Robinson, “The Decline of American Political Discourse”

Scotland Borah, “What Drives Historical Change”

Andrew F. Deneen, “Smartphones, Social Media, and Sanity: A Case for the Digital Sabbath”

Maryah Haley, “Southern California: Water Scarcity, Unwise Water Management, and the Solutions”

Derek Hackenbracht, “Defending Genghis Khan: A New Perspective on One of History’s Most Infamous Conquerors”

Corinne H. McCaw, “A Defense of the Mainstream Media: Addressing Conservative Distrust”

Brandon Wilson, “Small Arms Gun Control is Unconstitutional”

Anna Claire Kittrell, “Human Trafficking: The Trafficking of Unidentified Alien Children Across the Mexican Border”

Meredith G. Walker, “Exercise as a Prescription for the Treatment of Anxiety and Depression”

Juette Renalds, “Manhunt: Enhanced Interrogation and the Search for Osama Bin Laden.”

Nick Toone, “The Truth About Drone Warfare: It’s Impact on Terrorists, Civilians, and Operators”

Emma G. Zealand, “The Improvement of Academic Performance Throuh Physical Activity”

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