Thesis Defenses: March 28-29, 2019

The purpose of the Senior Thesis Project is to give the student the opportunity to employ the principles of rhetoric by addressing a subject of permanence and connecting knowledge to ethics.

Monday, March 26, 2019

3:30 PM

Drew S. Bowman, “How the Evolution of Sports Created the Modern Day Superstar: An Athlete’s Impact Beyond the World of Sports”

Thursday, March 28, 2019

8:15 AM

Nicholas Adams, “A Love For Sorrow: An Argument for the Value of Tragic Literature”

Chloe Ingersoll, “The Modern Educational System: A Celebration of Talents or a Showcase of Regulations?”

9:45 AM

Claire F. Owens, “A loss of Trust: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: The Causes and How We Should Respond”

Jett Curran, “Justification of the First Crusade”

Logan Duncan, “The Decline of Masculinity”

11:15 AM

Emma R. Nazelrod, “CAFOs: The Hidden Costs”

Evan Price, “The Effects of Media Violence: A Critical Analysis of a Modern Myth”

Hannah Murphy, “Mordor in Our Midst: Industrialism in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy”

1:00 PM

Benjamin T. Duby, “Comic-Convincing: A Defense of the Validity and Artistry of Comics”

Parks Robinson, “The Decline of American Political Discourse”

Friday, March 29, 2019

8:15 AM

Scotland Borah, “What Drives Historical Change”

Andrew F. Deneen, “Smartphones, Social Media, and Sanity: A Case for the Digital Sabbath”

Maryah Haley, “Southern California: Water Scarcity, Unwise Water Management, and the Solutions”

9:45 AM

Derek Hackenbracht, “Defending Genghis Khan: A New Perspective on One of History’s Most Infamous Conquerors”

Corinne H. McCaw, “A Defense of the Mainstream Media: Addressing Conservative Distrust”

Brandon Wilson, “Small Arms Gun Control is Unconstitutional”

11:15 AM

Anna Claire Kittrell, “Human Trafficking: The Trafficking of Unidentified Alien Children Across the Mexican Border”

Meredith G. Walker, “Exercise as a Prescription for the Treatment of Anxiety and Depression”

Juette Renalds, “Manhunt: Enhanced Interrogation and the Search for Osama Bin Laden.”

1:00 PM

Nick Toone, “The Truth About Drone Warfare: It’s Impact on Terrorists, Civilians, and Operators”

Emma G. Zealand, “The Improvement of Academic Performance Through Physical Activity”

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