From Consumer to Community

Any civilization that forgets the wisdom of history and fails to honor it will suffer two evils:  apathy toward the future and, eventually, revolution.  Revolution is a complete break with the past.  Apathy doesn’t care.   It is the empty nothingness that fills the hollowed out void of the soul of a culture.  It welcomes the rock-throwing, car-burning, foul-mouthed storm troopers of the coming revolution – with a shrug. 

I grew up at the tail end of the Baby-boomer generation, through the horrible 60’s, the Cold War and Vietnam.  During the 80’s I came of age reading Francis Shaeffer and other cultural observers who shot warning flares high into the twilight sky as our society in the words of Robert Bork, was increasingly “slouching toward Gomorrah.” Their signals and predictions were disturbingly accurate, and much of what they predicted has now happened.… Read more