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The investment you make for your child to access a classical education is not only a financial commitment, it will likely come at a significant financial sacrifice.  We find that parents make these sacrifices willingly to provide opportunity for their children, but we also know that they make such decisions advisedly.  It is important, therefore, to give you some estimate of what can realistically be expected from a New Covenant education.  Think of it in terms of outcomes.   While all children are different, and no one can make an educational guarantee, here is what we strive to achieve.

Grammar School

From kindergarten to grade 4 a grammar school student will strive for mastery in basic disciplines with immersion in language arts in English with early exposure to Latin.  They will learn to read from an intensely phonics-based approach, and by grade 4 will be able to read age-appropriate books and to write meaningful essays on selected titles.  They will learn math facts through an incremental approach and be fully prepared for more difficult math in middle school. Most of all, they will they will begin to acquire the tools of learning – learning how to learn – a skill they will need for the rest of their lives.  New Covenant will not chase technology in these early years; instead our curriculum will focus upon text-based materials, handwriting, a teacher-directed classroom and a heart for the arts. The grammar school faculty will model truth, goodness and beauty and will promote faith and character.

Middle School for Dialectic

Students in grades 5-8 present particular developmental challenges.  Not only will their academics broaden into more subjects, they will begin to navigate a social journey in which they negotiate themselves against their peers.  Middle school can be a difficult transition for students and their parents, and New Covenant is here to help you.  Expect faculty members to offer supportive relationships, while expecting students to take increasing ownership of the own learning. They will teach English and Latin side-by-side, with thinking skills developed from exposure to logic and debate.  Equally important, teachers and administrators are constantly teaching into the new challenges created by social media, 24/7 texting and the emerging temptations associated with internet exposure.  The middle school years present new opportunities in parenting, and our years of experience with this age group offers you a wealth of educational options, as well as some “how-to” in helping your child succeed.

School of Rhetoric

Don’t leave yet – it’s going from good to great!  The classical curriculum “blooms” as a student gains more maturity and ownership of his studies.  New Covenant graduates overwhelmingly affirm that their preparation for college was not only adequate, but superior, and that their reading and writing skills set them above their peers in their first years of college.  With nearly 100% acceptance to two and four-year programs, our students stand out with confidence and communication skills that are rooted in the richness of a liberal arts program.  View our “portrait of the graduate” here.

Need more information?  Ask us for an eyewitness.  We’ll happily offer you a reference.