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School of Rhetoric Faculty

Lance Collins, M.A., Academic Dean

Lance Collins, Academic Dean B.S., History, Liberty University; Latin studies, Randolph College; MA, Liberal Studies, Hollins University
Teaches Rhetoric; Senior Thesis Supervisor
serving since 1999
Rev’d John Heaton, Headmaster B.A., M.A., Theology, Bob Jones University; M.A. candidate, Hollins University; other graduate work, Reformed Seminary, Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture. John is an ordained minister in the Reformed Episcopal Church and served for twelve years as a parish priest in Orlando, Fl.;
Teaches Greek;
serving since 1998
Starlet Baker, B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, M.A. St. John’s College, Literature / Liberal Studies;Teaches Literature; serving since 1999-2004; 2011> Sarah Mays B.S., Physical Therapy, Medical College of Virginia, Lynchburg College (LC-Teach, Art)
Teaches Art
serving since 2002
Kyra Marken, B.A, English Liberty University; M.A., English, Liberty University; Teaches Ancient, British and American Literature;serving since 2010 Scott McCurley B.S., Public Health, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill; M.A., Liberal Arts, St. John’s College
Teaches Physics, Algebra II, Earth Science and Greek I;
serving since 2004
Gail Mitchell, Guidance Counselor B.A., Mathematics, Longwood College, M.Ed., Educational Guidance, Virginia Commonwealth University; other graduate work, Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture; Teaches World Literature, Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus;
serving since 1995
The Rev’d Davidson Morse, B.A. Philosophy, Mississippi State University; Diploma of Theology, St. Andrews University; M.Div Nashota House; Davidson is an ordained minister in The Reformed Episcopal Church and has served parishes in the Diocese of Ft.Worth, TX. Teaches humanities;Serving since 2011
Onastazia Mullen, B.A. Biology, Liberty University; MAT (Bio/Chem)Teaches biology, chemistry, geometryServing since 2011 Nancy Sattler, M.A. Latin, University of Florida; S., Classics, Liberty University; Latin studies, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College;
Teaches Latin/Greek, Drama, Graphic Arts, Yearbook
serving since1991

 Dallas Shipp, MA History, Liberty University

Teaches Literature and History; serving sing 2014

   Walker Pennock B.S., Music Education, West Chester University
Teaches General Music, Band and Chorus; serving since 1995