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Middle School Faculty

Marion Patterson, M.A., Principal | Kathryn Martin, B.S., Assistant Principal

Marion Patterson, Grammar & Middle School Principal B.S., English, Liberty University; M.S., Education, Pensacola Christian College; teaches English;
serving since 1997
Kathryn Martin, Assistant Principal B.S., Education, Liberty University; additional graduate work, The Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture
Teaches Fifth Grade, Assistant Principal; serving since 1998
Andy Ashcroft, Athletic Director B.S., M.A., Counseling, Liberty University; Teaches Physical Education, coaches soccer; serving since 1999 Starlet Baker, B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, M.A. St. John’s College, Literature / Liberal Studies;Teaches Literature; serving since 1999-2004; 2011>

Josh Bryars, B.A., M.A. Educational Psychology, State University of Connecticut;Teaches Middle School Math;serving since 2011


 Jacob Webb, BA, Philosophy, Liberty University

Teaches Bible, Logic, Latin

serving since 2013

  Jennifer Hartman B.A., Mathematics, College of Great Falls, MT Teaches Mathematics;
serving since 2006
Sarah Mays B.S., Physical Therapy, Medical College of Virginia, Lynchburg College (LC-Teach, Art)
Teaches Art
serving since 2002
Alex Mayberry (class of 04) Class of 2004 New Covenant SchoolsB.A., Greek, Philosophy & Religion, Hampden-Sydney College
Teaches Latin;
serving since 2011
Natalie Olenik B.S., Elementary Education, Liberty University
Teaches Middle School; serving since 2009
  Walker Pennock B.S., Music Education, West Chester University
Teaches General Music, Band and Chorus; serving since 1995
   Melody Simmons B.S., Education, Liberty University
Teaches Middle School mathematics and science; serving since 2003
  Janice Sharrett B.A., Gettysburg College; M.S., Environmental Science, University of Virginia
Teaches Middle School mathematics and science; serving since 2004
Erin Uminn, BS, MA, Psychology & Counseling, Liberty University – Teaches K4-K5Serving since 2013