Sep 14 – The Butting Order: How Middle School Students Rank Themselves in School >>>

Last week’s middle school retreat was a great success, with beautiful weather (after Thursday’s rain cleared to sunshine on Friday) and very happy students. We were joined by former parent and long-time friend of the school, Brian Donohue, who spoke to our students in four sessions, teaching into issues that challenge all kids at this age.… Read more

Aug 24 – So You Want to Play in College? Do’s and Don’ts for Playing at the College Level, pt 1 >>>

This is the first in a series of articles from our Athletic Director, Kyle Alexander.

Do’s and Don’ts for Middle and High School Athletes

Many young athletes dream of someday playing college athletics. There is something very natural in a young person’s desire to excel at the sport he or she loves and envision him or herself as a college athlete.… Read more