February 19, 2013 – Facebook Fundamentals

Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013

New Covenant Schools recognizes and embraces the potentials of technology to enhance both the education and social development of our students. As such, we try to provide you with tools to safeguard your children as they navigate the internet and social media. Here are five recommendations for every parent with a child who maintains, or is considering, a Facebook page.

1. Passwords. Know your child’s password. An informed parent should have 24-7 access to a child’s Facebook account, randomly “checking-in” on online communications. Okay, uncomfortable with that? Have a frank conversation about maturity and establish a mutually acceptable age at which you wouldn’t eavesdrop directly. We think, however, that you should still have transparency with the password.

2. Privacy settings. Make sure all privacy settings have been switched from public to PRIVATE. Default settings may allow anyone to access all of your child’s information (status updates, personal information, pictures, etc.).

3. Tagging. Make sure under Privacy > tagging that the REVIEW is switched to “ON.” This prevents any unauthorized photo (or meme) depicting your child uploaded by a fellow student or third party to appear publicly without their direct consent.

4. GPS Tracking. If your child uses a mobile device to check FB, check “Location Services” on smart phone settings to ensure GPS is DISABLED. The enabled mode may be broadcasting your child’s exact location with each status update, unwittingly alerting a potential pursuer.

5. Internet Lexicon. Familiarize yourself with the growing list of internet slang. You may be surprised how many codes there are which have formed an entire lexicon of words to keep parents in the dark about inappropriate activity. Here is a list, but you might want to go here for more information:



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