Nov 9 – Speak Up | Grow Up

“…speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way…” St. Paul

Speaking up is part of growing up. This came through loud and clear at a recent parent meeting with Dr. Jennifer Cline, a clinical psychologist who has done research on social media and its effects on young people.… Read more

Sep 14 – The Butting Order: How Middle School Students Rank Themselves in School >>>

Last week’s middle school retreat was a great success, with beautiful weather (after Thursday’s rain cleared to sunshine on Friday) and very happy students. We were joined by former parent and long-time friend of the school, Brian Donohue, who spoke to our students in four sessions, teaching into issues that challenge all kids at this age.… Read more

Social Media Guidelines>>>

New Covenant recognizes members of our community participate in online social networking. The following guidelines are designed to create an atmosphere of good will, honesty, and individual accountability. Students, faculty, and staff should always keep in mind that information produced, shared, and retrieved by them is a reflection on the school community and is subject to school policies.… Read more

Modern Texting

The following is the headmaster’s response to William Quillian’s “The Christ Experience” published in the News & Advance, Sunday, May 1, 2011

The question of Jesus’ resurrection ultimately turns on one’s view of the text of Scripture. Mr. Quillian’s view of the text offered in his recent letter is the standard theologically liberal position taught at Yale and other graduate schools for the better part of the last century.… Read more