The Challenge of a Secular Age>>>

We live in a secular age. Charles Taylor, in his massive book which bears the above title, poses the question, “How is it that 500 years ago it was almost impossible not to believe in God, but now it almost impossible to believe in God?” In the older world and earlier Christendom, it was taken for granted that human flourishing – that is, our highest good – was completely predicated upon a divine transcendent, something outside of ourselves and infinitely or ineffably above ourselves. 
For Jews, that was Yahweh; for Christians that was Yahweh in the Messiah.… Read more

Where do the Grads Go?

Current and prospective parents often ask what our students do after graduation from the School of Rhetoric. They’re really asking a couple of questions, “Where do they go to college?” and “What careers do they pursue?” My standard response is, “Anywhere and anything they wish!” I have long believed that a classical, Christian education prepares a student for the next step in life across a broad horizon of interests.… Read more

Looking Forward to Easter>>>

My students in middle school chapel all agree with me that they look forward to Christmas. Along about  Halloween the stores are displaying their obnoxious Christmas sale signs, and by Thanksgiving, we are in full holiday mode. Truthfully, it doesn’t bother me. Like my students I enjoy the school days between Thanksgiving and Christmas because they are light-hearted and seem carefree.… Read more

Character Matters Now

Wow!   The last several weeks have driven home to me a singular truth.  Character matters.  And what is character?  Someone quipped, “Character is who you are when you are by yourself.” 

Watching the news recently has been painful as one after another public figure – men in positions of power – have been accused of seriously inappropriate and even criminal actions in regard to women.… Read more

Lady Gryphons Headed to VISAA State Tourney

On Wednesday, November 8, the second seeded Lady Gryphons (20-1) defeated the seventh seeded Srs headed to semi-finalsSouthampton Academy Raiders in the VISAA quarter final round in the Workman Field House on the campus of New Covenant Schools. The match went down in three straight sets, marking a school record – the Lady Gryphons did not lose a set at home the entire season.  Moreover, in 20 matches, they were undefeated for 57 out 60 sets.  No New Covenant team has come close to that run. 

The team will travel on Thursday, Nov 9 to Suffolk to face local rival third seed, Timberlake Christian Schools of Lynchburg on Friday morning at 10 a.m.  At their meeting in the regular season the Grpyhons defeated the Tornadoes, but the girls aren’t taking anything for granted.  An early departure and plenty of rest will be needed for steady nerves and on-point hitting.  

A spirit bus with students will follow on Saturday morning if the team makes the final round.… Read more

I Didn’t Learn How to Learn…

How many times have you heard someone say, perhaps even yourself, “I didn’t learn how to learn until I got to college!”? I distinctly remember my own experience as a college junior when “the lights came on,” and I realized that learning was a process that consisted of patterns and routines, disciplines and techniques – in addition to the actual content of what I was studying.… Read more