Developing Stronger Scholars – Building Stronger Athletes: New Covenant to Begin Construction on Workman-Hall Fitness Center

New Covenant has spent years honing its curriculum to teach students not just what to know but how to think.  We’ve earned a reputation for creating better scholars.  Now we are giving attention to building physically fit students and building better athletes. Sports has been a part of our mission from the 

The Workman Field House will undergo expansion with a 2,000 sq ft Fitness Center in 2018

beginning, and we are now taking a further step to develop the whole student: mentally, spiritually and physically.  As our Athletic Director, Kyle Alexander, has said, “A student who exercises regularly will be better in the classroom.”

I am pleased to announce that construction will begin soon on a new addition to the Workman Field House to provide our students with a first-class fitness center.  This addition has been planned since the 

field house opened in 2013.  The north wall of the field house faces the soccer field, and perhaps you’ve noticed the “green space” between the small parking lot behind the concession stand and pavilion. That space will soon be home to the Workman-Hall Fitness Center.

The fitness center will provide more than 2,000 square feet of space that will house a first-class “functional strength” room completely appointed with equipment that every student in the school will use.  The room will feature free weights, kettlebells, and climbing ropes; the main feature of the room, however, will be a six-station “monkey rig” that allows athlete to perform all the Olympic lifts.

This addition will further the goals both of our physical education and our competitive athletic programs.  Physical education classes from earliest grades will be able to take advantage of systematic instruction in fitness and health.  Athletes who compete in co-curricular sports from fifth grade and higher will have the added component of strength training as part of their practice schedules.  All of this adds up to students who are stronger, healthier, and in overall better shape.  Faculty and staff will benefit, too, as we envision the creation of a faculty/staff wellness program.

As the athletic program expands to serve more students, this facility will become a shared resource that supports all sports programs.  New Covenant currently offers athletics for boys and girls in the team sports of soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball and lacrosse.  Individual sports such as track and field and tennis were added last year, and now for the first time, we are offering swimming. Next year we anticipate adding wrestling as the fitness center will accommodate a tournament-grade mat.

The fitness center will also promote better safety during all athletic events.   The generous workout space will be accompanied by the Deith Family training room, a facility fully equipped to care for the occasional sports injury that can occur during a routine athletic event.  This room was provided with a generous donation from a friend of the school. 

The best news is that the Workman-Hall Fitness Center has been completely funded, and will be constructed debt free.  Generous donors who love and appreciate the school were intent that this project be paid for without borrowing money to build it.  We thank Phyllis Workman, Warner and Nancy Hall, and Jared Deith for magnanimous lead gifts, along with many others in our community whose contributions made this expansion possible. 

The fitness center is scheduled to open in June, 2018 just in time for a robust camp program and off season workouts throughout the summer.