Cell Phone Policy Explained>>>

New Covenant has amended the Student Handbook regarding cell phone policy. For students in the School of Rhetoric, nothing has changed. Phones are permitted at school, but must remain in lockers during school hours. After school and on athletic travel, the phone is permitted for students in grades 9-12. Violations of this policy will result in confiscation of the phone and loss of this privilege.

The policy regarding middle school students has changed. Phones are no longer permitted at school, neither during nor after school.  We have not found that middle school students on the whole use their phones with maturity and discretion. This policy change has prompted some questions about certain exceptions. Please read for our clarifications, and please email or call  Marion Patterson if you have circumstances not covered below.

Q. If I have an adult relative that works at the school, can he/she just keep my phone and give it to me after school?

A. No. The point is not to have cell phones on campus, even after 3:00 p.m. The phone can stay with the adult, who can return it as you get into a private vehicle to leave campus (not in a bus going to a game).

Q. My parents are divorced, and I spend part of the week with mom and part with dad. I need to bring my phone to school on the days that I am picked up by the other parent.

A. On such days you may leave the phone in the office that day and pick it up when you leave campus (if that will be before the office closes at 4:00).

Q. If I’m going to a friend’s house, and my parents want me to have a phone there, can I turn it in to the office and pick it up after school if I’m going straight to the friend’s house? My parents are super nervous about my safety.

A. On such days your parent can call the school and notify the office of the situation; you may leave the phone in the office that day and pick it up when you leave campus (if that will be before the office closes at 4:00).

Q. I am traveling with a middle school sports team after school and my parents want me to be able to get in touch with them while I am on the bus just in case there are changes in plans. Can I take my phone with me to games?

A. No. Most MS games are “parent transport.” Middle School team members traveling together by bus (that’s rare) have access to a phone that the coach carries. When returning from a game, the coach can send a text message to the team roster in his phone to let parents know when they are 20 minutes out. Other contact can be through the coach.

Q. What if I attend a sports event (or other event) at New Covenant after school hours?

A. Middle School students who leave school and return to attend events that begin at 5:00 p.m. or later may bring phones when they return to campus.