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2016-17 Tuition

Tuition Policy

New Covenant Schools operates on a tuition basis, and 94% of its operating budget is covered by these fees.  Tuition is set each year by the Board of Directors at a rate consistent with its strategic plan.  Tuition rates for 2016-17 are as follows:

Kindergarten and Grammar School (k-4)

Annual12 payments*4 quarterly payments*
Tuition Full Day K-Grade 4$8,186 $682.12 $2,046.50

Middle School (5-8)

Tuition Grades 5-8 $8,725 $743.75 $2,231.25
Field Trip and Activity Fee $200 (Grades 5-7)
$250 (Grade 8)
Senior Trip Surcharge (7-8 only)$100

Upper School (9-12)

Tuition 9-12 $9,160 $752.08** $2,256.25
Field Trip & Activity Fee $250
Senior Trip Surcharge (9-12)$100
External Testing (P-SAT, AP, etc.)$20
Lab Fees where applicable(billed separately)$100

*Carrying charges are applied to all accounts not paid in full by June 1

**Excludes Fees scheduled below