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How to Apply

New Covenant is accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year and beyond. We seek to admit students from families who desire a classical, Christian education, and do not discriminate on the basis of ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Our tuition structure and our tuition assistance programs reflect this commitment.

Should you desire more admissions information than is available on our website simply click HERE and our Admissions office will contact you.

Applying is Easy

    1. Apply online: Click this link to begin the on-line application; you will be asked to “create an account” to initiate the process: Student Application
    2. You will be required to submit an application fee with the on-line form;
    3. Release of Records – If you are transferring from another school please download, sign, and return a Release of Records form here: [Download not found]  This needs to be done prior to us testing your child.
    4. Be sure to submit a family photo/snapshot (4 x 6) of your family to kmosher@newcovenantschools.org.
    5. The Admissions Office will contact you immediately.  Once we receive your application, we’ll move to the next step.

1. Family Interview

During the admissions process we’ll meet with you to learn about your family and your hopes for your child/children.  You can ask questions about the school or any aspect of our program.  We often conclude student screening simultaneously.

2. Student Screening

Students rising to kindergarten are screened with a developmental test on two Saturdays of February each year.  Those who miss these dates are screened on a rolling basis as long as space remains available.  Students transferring from other schools in grades above kindergarten are screened on a case by case basis on the basis of the strength of their academic records once we have received academic records from the previous school. (see Release of Records form above)

3. Placement & Tuition Contract

When a placement is made, you will be notified by mail.  A tuition contract will be included with the acceptance letter.  Simply sign and return both copies of the contract.  Tuition payments begin billing on June 1; later admissions are billed from the point of contract.

4. Post-Placement Orientation

Families who matriculate each year are asked to meet with the Headmaster, Principal and key staff members in a post-placement meeting held each Spring.  This meeting is part of the admissions process and vital to understanding what to expect in a classical, Christian curriculum.

Need Financial Assistance? Just Ask.

If you are not a current New Covenant parent or have not yet applied for admission, you must complete the application for admission prior to the financial assistance process. We invite you to participate in our need-based Tuition Assistance Program. You may be surprised at how affordable your expected family contribution can be.

Currently – Applications are being considered for students rising to kindergarten and grades 1-10 in fall, 2017.  Early applications are given priority in competitive placements.