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Academic Profile

Classical education becomes increasingly distinctive in the high school years.  We teach students not just what to know, but how also how to learn and how to think.  As students progress to the School of Rhetoric they are expected to acquire and use logic and rhetorical skills in all areas of the curriculum. They are urged to think deeply and defend their positions rationally when answering questions in any discipline across the curriculum. The senior year of high school is completed by researching, writing, and defending a senior thesis before the faculty and parent community.

There is only one academic track throughout the schools. The level of work is generally equivalent to honors standards. Since our course of study is guided by the classical tradition, we typically do not teach directly to the Advanced Placement standards; however, many students sit for the AP Exams in various disciplines, and the pass rate (3+) is achieved by 89% of students who take the exams.  Students who have successfully passed these exams have earned credit at colleges that recognize the AP standards. New Covenant classes are graded on a percentage basis and academic honors are as follows: Summa cum Laude, GPA of 4.0, Magna cum Laude, at least 3.5, and cum Laude, at least 3.0. With the rigor of the curriculum, semester and yearly honors are difficult to attain and therefore highly prized.

Grades are recorded on a 10 point scale. Quality points are assigned for academic and extra curricular activities on a similar scale. Graduates of New Covenant Schools typically go on to college or post secondary schooling, and regulary earn significant merit scholarships. Our students have been accepted at many schools around the country.

Academic planning through the Guidance Office is tailored to each student’s needs.  The 4-year plan is created as the student rises to ninth grade, but reviewed each year through the Dean’s Office.

For information about our homework policy, click here: Homework Policy 310.89 kB