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School of Rhetoric (9 – 12)

New Covenant maintains the most distinctive high school experience in the area.  We refer to grades 9-12 as the School of Rhetoric, representing the governing mode of Science-001instruction in the liberal arts tradtion.  In addition to teaching classical rhetoric, we emphasize primary sources and the “Great Books” including the Bible, Homer, Aristotle, Virgil, St. Augustine, and Shakespeare, just to name a few. Students who graduate from New Covenant have an awareness of the world’s greatest thinkers, and they have engaged their writings directly.  We use textbooks, of course, but there is an equal emphasis upon primary sources in history, literature, language, and religion.  Our students do more than learn about the Constitution, Magna Carta, Council of Nicea, or the French Revolution – they read, study and discuss the documents that pertain to these events.  By the time students reach their junior year, they will be reading selected works in Latin or Greek. During the senior year, students will research, write, and orally present and defend to the faculty a significant thesis of a controversial nature.

College Preparation

New Covenant Schools offers a classical, Christian education that is college preparatory and fully accredited by SACS/CASI. Nearly one hundred percent of New Covenant students have been accepted to more than 120 colleges and universities. They have earned more than $8,500,000 in merit scholarships in the last twelve years.

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Regardless of what’s ahead in your child’s future, a liberal arts education will help him or her get there. At New Covenant students will study the great classics of literature and language. At the same time we offer one of the strongest programs in mathematics and science available to students in grades 9-12.  Lab sciences are offered in physics, biology, chemistry, universal science and environmental science.

Senior Thesis

The senior thesis project is the capstone of the student’s experience in the school of rhetoric.  While in many ways the thesis is just another paper, the process for writing it is deliberate and thorough.  Through the fall of the senior year students will choose topics, typically of a controversial nature, and begin to formulate a thesis propopsition.  Each student is assigned a committee of at least two faculty members who consult and guide the research process.  A series of written and oral presentations, called issues speeches, help them refine their thoughts and guide their research.  The papers usually extend to above fifteen pages or more, sometimes twenty, although length is not the determining factor for achievement.  When the paper has been completed the student will present it orally before the faculty and give a defense following the presentation, taking questions from their committee members.  Senior thesis defense is a public event to which parents, students and friends are invited.


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