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National Greek Exam

The National Greek Examination enrolled 1769 students from 154 high schools, colleges, and universities in the US, Canada, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. Of these students, 56% earned purple, blue, red, or green ribbons. The battery of six examinations consisted of five Attic Greek exams (Introduction, Beginning, Intermediate, Prose, Tragedy) and a Homeric Greek exam (Odyssey).   About twenty students are enrolled in Greek I & II each year at New Covenant Schools.  Below is a list of achievement for years 2011 and 2012. 

Greek I - 2012
With Merit
Hattie Eshleman
Greek I - 2011Greek I - 2011
With High HonorWith Merit
Keanne RuckerFiona Leitch
Geoffrey WilliamsonRuth Bettis
Seth Mayberry