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2012 Advanced Placement Results

New Covenant seniors achieved 100% pass rate on AP exams in English language, calculus and physics

New Covenant Schools offers a number of Advanced Placement courses in the School of Rhetoric. Advanced Placement courses are recognized by participating colleges as certifying a level of work that merits college credit. There is only one exam for each course, created by a team of field experts, mostly college professors, and given to students in all locations at the same time to ensure standardized results. A student’s score on the AP exam is expressed on a 5-point scale. A score of three or higher usually qualifies for college credit at participating schools.

Advanced Placement courses and tests are ordinarily taken by juniors and seniors. New Covenant students, however, have some options to take AP courses a year earlier, notably in Latin. This year, for example, 10 sophomores sat for the AP Vergil exam. Moreover, our students occasionally sit for AP exams in courses in which they have not taken formal AP instruction. This year one of our senior students prepared independently for the World History AP exam. He was successful on the test although New Covenant did not offer the course.

Advanced Placement courses are not created equally; therefore, they are offered selectively at New Covenant. Because New Covenant maintains a prescribed curriculum in the classical tradition, the curricular aims of some AP courses can be at variance with our goals. We have discovered that AP tends toward the mastery of vast amounts of factual information, particularly in the social sciences, often generating hours of homework, but failing to permit the student to interact with what we call “great questions” raised by the material.

This year we are pleased to announce that 21 New Covenant students sat for a total of 45 Advanced Placement exams, including:

 • Calculus (both AB and BC levels);

• Physics C (mechanics);

• English Language and Composition;

• English Literature and Composition;

• Latin Vergil; (10 sophomores took this test)

 In addition…

• Each of our seniors took at least two tests;

• 90% of all the tests taken by New Covenant students received a passing score of 3 or higher;

• In the senior class, the pass rate was 97% and more than 25% of the tests taken by the seniors

earned a score of 5;

• New Covenant seniors obtained a 100% pass rate on the English Language & Composition exam;

• New Covenant seniors obtained a 100% pass rate on the calculus exams – both AB and BC levels;

• New Covenant seniors obtained a 100% pass rate on the physics exam.