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Transition to Middle School

Whether your student is rising to New Covenant’s middle school from the grammar school or transitioning from another school, your student will find positive support. The middle school years are marked by an increasing desire on the part of the student to become an independent learner.  That means that he or she will be expected to take more responsibility for the academic challenge.  To assist with these years, New Covenant offers two key layers of scaffolding for support.


Every student in grades 5-8 has two or more primary teachers. In addition each student is assigned to an advisory group that is smaller than the actual class, usually about 8-10 students, usually gender-segregated. Student advisory meets three times weekly with the teacher who helps with study skills, organization, and helps convey positive skills for resolving conflicts through peacemaking.  The advisory groups become a key part of the middle school experience, encouraging relationships between teachers and students.  The advisor is charged with knowing your child well, and becomes a point of contact for you and the school administration in supporting your child.


Middle School Latin is designed to introduce the student to the language that most directly underlies English.  Latin and English are taught side by side in one combined class so that students learn their English grammar through the Latin. Naturally, students who transfer to New Covenant with little or no Latin in their background will need support as they transition.  For this New Covenant provides and requires a Latin Camp in the summer for all rising 4-9th graders.  This week-long instruction, offered in August before school begins, provides help to smooth out the difficulty, so you needn’t worry if your child can be successful.  We do this routinely with great success.  During the admissions process, this question is thoroughly addessed so that you can be comfortable knowing that your student will receive the personal attention needed to succeed.