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Fine Arts


Symphonic band, orchestra and choir are offered "in-school" with no extra fees; parents are responsible for instrument rental.

Middle school students have already participated in beginning band or strings.  Upon entering the fifth grade they will continue their studies in these instruments, or they may join the Middle School Choristers, a singing group of about 30 voices.  Whatever they choose, their musical talents continue to develop in band, orchestra or vocal performance.  Music is central to a classical education, and New Covenant employs some of Lynchburg’s best professional musicians on its faculty.


Art instruction continues in middle school once each week.  Students build upon the lessons of grammar school with deeper exposure to art history and media.  Many middle school students will also explore photography, which is always a favorite feature in the annual art fair.  Their works are displayed each year in a judged show.


Middle school students love the dramatic.  Each year our young thespians are offered participation in a full stage production usually with a little help from our rhetoric students.  The middle school play is often staged as dinner theater with younger students performing after a gala dinner provided by upper school students who use the affair to raise money for their senior trip.