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If you are homeschooling your children, New Covenant might be the perfect partner to assist you.  Students in middle school through high school can enroll at New Covenant as part-time students to take advantage of courses you might not feel comfortable overseeing at home.  Consider applying as a part-time student for instruction in Latin, computers, rhetoric, or a lab science in biology, chemistry or physics.  Do you want to take advantage of Advanced Placement courses?  A limited number of offerings are available.

Homeschoolers can also participate in athletics at New Covenant.  For a nominal fee, a limited number of homeschool positions are available, depending upon the sport and the season. 

If your family is homeschooling, we invite you to call us and discuss ways in which we might participate in your efforts. Of course, should you reach a point at which you desire a day school environment for your student, we heartily encourage you to consider New Covenant .