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Fine Arts


Children study music during school hours beginning in kindergarten with classes meeting at least three times each week.

The arts are a significant part of early classical education at New Covenant.  Students in kindergarten through grade three meet our music faculty twice weekly for instruction in music theory, appreciation and history.   They learn the basics of good music coupled with singing and listening excerses to tune their young ears to every musical instrument in the orchestral family.  By fourth grade our students will be guided one of three classes in which they will learn a band instrument, violin or other stringed instrument.  Every student continues with  music instruction through the tenth grade.


When our young scholars are not with the music faculty, they can be found in art classes where they survey the history of art, study various art media, and most importantly, create art.  Children are taught the principles of art as naturally as they learn to write their names with instruction in basic drawing, mosaics,  and painting.  With two kilns in the art room, they learn the basics of creating three dimensional pieces.  Every student continues with art instruction through the eighth grade.  Upon entering high school, art appreciation and art media are required for credit.

Each year students in grammar school are encouraged to enter the Arts Fair with their own creations.  Their works are displayed in this forum, but not judged until they move to middle school.