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Curriculum Survey

Instructional methods in the grammar school include direct instruction, memorization, and a variety of multi-sensory approaches to reading and

Spalding Phonics, Shurley Grammar, and Excellence in Writing along with early Latin instruction, provide a foundation in language arts.

arithmetic. Students learn to read through an intensive phonics program developed by the linguist, Romalda Spalding.  By the end of the fourth grade, tudents have learned and can apply the twenty nine spelling rules that govern the English language.  English grammar is taught through oral and written diagramming of sentences.  In middle school English and Latin grammar are taught together.

New Covenant kindergarten is a “reading-readiness” year; all New Covenant students begin reading with basic fluency by October of the first grade year.

Basic arithmetic and math skills begin in kindergarten with incremental progress and looping review built in.  Overall, the emphasis is on the mastery of basic skills in the context of a teacher-centered classroom, and our curricular choices reflect this emphasis.

KindergartenFirst GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth Grade
Spalding PhonicsSpalding PhonicsSpalding PhonicsSpalding PhonicsSpalding Phonics
Language Arts & ReadingExcellence in Writing &Language ArtsExcellence in Writing &Language ArtsExcellence in Writing &Language ArtsExcellence in Writing &Language Arts
Sattler LatinSattler LatinSattler LatinSattler LatinLatin - Classical Academic
Shurley GrammarShurley GrammarShurley GrammarShurley Grammar
Saxon MathSaxon MathSaxon MathEnVision MathSaxon Math
General MusicGeneral MusicGeneral MusicGeneral MusicBand or Violin
Art MediaArt MediaArt MediaArt MediaArt Media
History Time-line (NCS)History Time-line & AmericanaHistory Time-line & Ancient EgyptHistory Time-Line & Greece and RomeHistory Time-line &
Middle Ages
Physical EducationPhysical EducationPhysical EducationPhysical EducationPhysical Education