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Spiritual Life

New Covenant Schools stands in the classical, Christian tradition, and embraces the ministry the Church has left to us in the education of children.

The Marie Macdonald Chapel is used daily for faculty matins and for Morning Prayer for students across the grades.

A powerful force in education from its earliest centuries, the Church built on the legacy of the classical world, providing the framework in which the liberal arts coalesced into the university system.

New Covenant is a traditional Episcopal school, affiliated with the Reformed Episcopal Church, which is an evangelical branch of the Anglican Communion.  Thus, the school maintains a religious point of view, but enjoys the participation of families from dozens of local churches from a variety of traditions.  There is no faith test for matriculating at New Covenant Schools; however, we are unapologetically Christian, holding to the ancient creeds of the church such as the Apostles & Nicene Creeds, as well as the Thirty Nine Articles of Religion, the foundation of the English Church.

All of our faculty members are faithful Christians, active in their own churches, and, with our chaplain, they set the tone of the campus.  Walk around our hallways and you will soon perceive an authentic faith that is neither compartmentalized into religion class, nor contrived as something added on.   New Covenant also maintains a chapel program overseen by our chaplain, in which all students meet at least once each week in the Marie Macdonald Chapel.  Students participate in Morning Prayer, a traditional and historic expression of faith.  Younger students enjoy singing, Bible recitation and selected catechism.

Parents can participate in the spiritual life of the school as well.  Each week our Moms-in-Touch group meets to pray for the school, its faculty, students and families in a vital and spirit-filled effort to support our school.  If your student comes to New Covenant as a Baptist, a Presbyterian, a Methodist, a Roman Catholic, or something else, it is our prayer that he or she will leave a better Christian.